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How do I work?

My skills are hybridized so I'm instrumental in all phases of the web development process.


I work closely with clients to nurture and transform initial ideas into well thought out plans, always keeping content strategy in mind.


I wireframe and spec out website interfaces based on content and design goals. I'm into minimalism and I believe less is more.


I build with HTML5, CSS3, and a dash of jQuery. I love coding things from scratch, but I can work within CMSs like Sitecore or Wordpress, and with frontend frameworks like Bootstrap.

Big Projects

These full-fledged web development projects involved entire sites or multiple pages, collaboration between multiple working groups or agencies, information organization, and usually lasted from one- to three-months.

Drexel University Center for Hospitality & Sport Management

UX/UI redesign, custom jQuery image carousel, information organization

I worked with the Center for Hospitality & Sport Management to refresh their outdated landing page and their three department landing pages. The pages are mobile responsive, utilize modern design elements to showcase the program features, and have image carousels built using Sitecore datasets so the client can easily update them independently.

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Drexel University Ambition Can't Wait marketing campaign

Custom UX/UI design, CSS and Javascript animations, ad agency collaboration, Google analytics tracking

Drexel University ran its own marketing campaign targeted to the entire East Coast, specifically the Philadelphia region. I was the lead web developer tasked with working with both the creative team at Ogilvy & Mather and Drexel's in-house marketing team. The site uses a custom template built within Sitecore, triggers animations on scroll, and has been closely tracked in Google Analytics resulting in several modifications to improve performance.

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Drexel University College of Arts and Sciences department landing pages

Coding to specification, Sitecore modification with jQuery, custom UX

I was provided the redesign specs for each of the College of Arts and Sciences' 18 different departmental landing pages. Not only did I turn all the pages around very quickly for a project of this size (about one-month), but I built upon the provided specs by improving the UX with hover effects, reorganizing the content on mobile, and reworking the faculty listings by adding pop-up modals powered by jQuery.

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Drexel University 125th Anniversary site

Custom UX/UI design, branding, copywriting

I developed a branding scheme from the ground up, and built the corresponding website, to celebrate Drexel's 125th anniversary as an institution. The site prominently features the unique color block branding throughout the pages, includes custom UX elements retrofitted into Drexel's administrative template, and an interactive timeline never before seen at Drexel. I developed the site's "voice" and wrote the copy on the front-page.

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Little Projects

These little ditties were usually one-off pages or small features that involved custom behavior or styling not available in Sitecore by default.

Drexel University Vision 2020 interactive delegate map

Custom jQuery, Sitecore integration

I built this mobile-responsive, interactive map using a large SVG, custom jQuery, Sitecore datasets, and Drexel's custom "person profile" item type. With this low maintenance system, the client can easily update or add new person profiles and tag them appropriately, and the rest is taken care of automatically.

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Drexel University Federal Work-Study Positions data table

Custom jQuery, Sharepoint integration

I built this mobile-responsive data table using jQuery and Sitecore's dataset integration with Sharepoint. The client updates their Sharepoint list and the table automatically reflects the changes. As per the client's request, the table can be sorted and filtered in several ways.

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